Modern Web

S03E05 - Open Sourcery and The React Community (React Rally Edition)

September 5, 2016

Modern Web sits down with Devon Lindsey (@devonbl), Sarah Drasner (@sarah_edo), James Kyle (@thejameskyle), and Katherine Poulter (@katpoulter) at React Rally (@reactrally). 

Our main goal was to put them in power ranger outfits, but you’ll have to watch that on Youtube. Listen as they discuss the benefits of being an individual technical contributor versus taking the management route. The four share their views on the excitement of being a JavaScript developer, learning new technologies and how the trend of openly sharing code has helped speed up the evolution of OSS and technology. Other topics discussed are companies giving engineers time for open source projects, how awesome the React community is at being nice to each other, and how conferences help you get to know community leaders better.

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