Modern Web

S05E06 React Native with Jay Phelps, Brent Vatne, Eric Vicenti, and Ken Wheeler

April 18, 2018

Modern Web Podcast on React Native with Jay Phelps @_jayphelps



Bent Vatne @notbrent - Front-end web/mobile developer working on Expo ( ) and React Native

Mike Grabowski @grabbou - React Native @callstackio, member of @reactnative core team.

Eric Vicenti @EricVicenti - Open Source Entrepreneur, creator of Aven_Cloud and ReactNavigation. Formerly Facebook OpenSource ReactNative

Ken Wheeler @ken_wheeler - Director of OSS at FormidableLabs


- What is React Native?
- When you should (or shouldn't) use it 
- What is Expo?
- Gesture support on Native vs web
- What is Flutter and Dart?
- How Flutter/Dart compare to React Native

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