Modern Web

S05E08 Blockchain with Preethi Kasireddy, Kyle Simpson, Nik Kalyani, Fred Schott and Tracy Lee

May 9, 2018

Modern Web Podcast on Blockchain with Preethi Kasireddy, Nik Kalyani, Fred Schott, Kyle Simpson and Tracy Lee.


Kyle Simpson @getify - Open Web Evangelist, Founder/Owner DevGo, Inc.

Preethi Kasireddy @iam_preethi - Blockchain Engineer + Founder & CEO at Schelling

Nik Kalyani @techbubble - CTO/Founder of Whenhub + Web/Blockchain Architect

Fred Schott @FredKSchott - Frontend Engineer at Ripple, previously Google Polymer

Tracy Lee @Ladyleet - CTO of This Dot, Google Developer Expert



- How to get started in blockchain and the main concepts

- What use cases are there for blockchain

- What tools can you use?

- Why are some people skeptical about blockchain?

- Cool projects and the future of blockchain technology

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