Modern Web

S05E10 V8 with Jay Phelps, Benedikt Meurer, Mathias Bynens, and Jaroslav Sevcik

June 20, 2018

Modern Web "V8" Podcast


Jay Phelps (@_jayphelps) - Support, training, pairing, mentoring, software architecting @ThisDotLabs



Benedikt Meurer (@bmeurer) - @NodeJS Performance TL @Google, in @GoogleChrome / @v8js

Mathias Bynens (@mathias) - work on @v8js at Google and on ECMAScript through TC39

Jaroslav Sevcik - Senior Software Engineer @ Google, V8 Compiler Engineer


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What is V8?

How V8 has evolved over the years?

How should we write performant code for Ignition/Turbofan?

How much does Node.js influence decisions?

What cool platform/JS language features are in the pipeline?

What’s your take on WebAssembly?

What are some other uses of V8 outside of the browsers/node?

What else should everyone know?

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