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S05E18 Webint with Tracy Lee, Rob Ocel, Stephanie Drescher, and Anton Molleda Quintana

December 4, 2018

In this Modern Web podcast we will be having Stephanie Drescher and Anton Molleda Quintana talk about webhint with our hosts, Tracy Lee and Rob Ocel.

- What is webhint and how can you use it?
- What are some use cases for webhint?
- What hints does webhint give you that are helpful?
- Webhint is cross browser and cross platform, but it can be used without browsers too
- Contributing to webhint - you can too!
- Webhint is a JS Foundation project
- How to use webhint in the community
- What is coming for webhint 2019?
- How can you get involved?
- Learn about Nellie the Narwhal

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