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S06E3 Modern Web Podcast - All About Compilers with Minko Gechev, Kristofer Baxter, Radoslav Kirov, Jake Dohm, and Rob Ocel

April 5, 2019

In this modern web podcast, Rob Ocel and Jake Dohm speak about compilers with Minko Gechev (Angular Team at Google), Kristofer Baxter (Performance expert, a Software engineer at Google) and Radoslav Kirov (TypeScript support team at Google).

Topics Covered:
- What is a compiler?
- UX
- Accessibility
- Node: Libraries: Express, nest, Ecosystem.
- GraphQ
- Angular Ivy
- TypeScript
- Parcel 2
- Animation
- Utility First CSS
- Performance
- CSS Grid

This episode is sponsored by NativeScript & This Dot Labs.

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