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S07E1 Modern Web Podcast - Introducing Vite - Evan You’s new project + Vue 3 Updates

May 20, 2020

Introducing a new season of our Modern Web podcast with a special episode featuring Evan You (@youyuxi), creator & project lead of Vue!

Evan discusses why he is so excited about Vue 3, and the differences between how the architecture of Vue 3 differs from other frameworks such as Svelte, Ivy, Ember, and React. He also explains the difference between React Hooks and the Vue Composition API and how the Vue Composition API tries to solve some ergonomic issues that React Hooks has.

If you use a bundler like webpack and you’re looking for more speed, you’ll love Evan’s new project, Vite. 

Evan explains the problems that Vite is trying to solve for all developers, regardless of if you use Vue, React, Svelte, or Angular. Vite also supports hot module replacement and has a lot of goodies up its sleeve Evan talks about that you should watch out for. Ben and Evan discuss the differences between Snowpack 2 and Vite.

This episode is sponsored by This Dot Labs.

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