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S07E11 Modern Web Podcast - New CSS & Media Query APIs You Need to Learn Today

November 5, 2020

In this podcast episode, Tracy Lee (@ladyleet) and Ben Lesh (@benlesh) sit down with special guests, Zouhir Chahoud, Stephanie Stimac, and Craig Dunn from Microsoft about new CSS & media query APIs!


Topics discussed:

  • What is the new CSS & JS primitives 
  • What does this mea for developers and designers?
  • How can you start experimenting right now?
  • for more info on designing and developing for these devices 



Zouhir Chahoud - Program Manager, Edge 

Stephanie Stimac - Program Manager, Edge 

Craig Dunn - Principle Software Engineer, Microsoft 



Tracy Lee (@ladyleet) - CEO, This Dot Labs

Ben Lesh (@benlesh) - Software Engineer at Citadel & Author of RxJS


This episode is sponsored by KendoReact This Dot Labs

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