S06E2 Modern Web Podcast - What’s Up With GraphQL 2019 with Tracy Lee, Rob Ocel, Tanmai Gopal, and Uri Goldshtein

February 4, 2019

In this modern web podcast, Rob Ocel and Tracy Lee speak to Tanmai Gopal and Uri Goldshtein about GraphQL.

Uri Goldshtein - Founder The Guild -@UriGoldshtein
Tanmai Gopal - Founder @Hasura - @tanmaigo
Tracy Lee - @ladyleet
Rob Ocel - @robocell

Topics covered:
Why is GraphQL exploding in popularity
Why GraphQL isn't a fad
How to get started with GraphQL
What are the full-stack benefits of GraphQL
How to sell GraphQL to your team
How to migrate to GraphQL
What happens to clients that still use your REST APIs
How does GraphQL help front-end component-based architectures
How can GraphQL help with real-time data
How can you get involved in the GraphQL community

Show Notes:
Immutable User Interfaces (Lee Byron) - Full Stack Fest 2016


S06E1 What is AMP and why you should care with Tracy Lee, Rob Ocel, Ben Morss, Prateek Bhatnagar, and Kristofer Baxter

January 25, 2019

Welcome to another Modern Web podcast!

In this episode, Tracy Lee and Rob Ocel will be talking with the AMP team about Accelerate Mobile Pages, an open-source library created by Google that to make publishing websites easier than ever.

Ben Morss, Prateek Bhatnagar, and Kristofer Baxter will be our guests in this discussion. We talk about PWA, a11y, performance, AMP with frameworks, AMP Script and upcoming releases.


- The AMP Project is an open-source initiative aiming to make web performance better. The project enables the creation of websites and ads that are consistently fast, beautiful and high-performing across devices and distribution platforms.

-AMP pages are just web pages that you can link to and are controlled by you. It focuses on giving the best experience to your users, loading near instantaneously and performing great in mobiles devices.

-AMP builds on existing features and you can render it with user agents you already have set.

AMP official website: https://www.ampproject.org/

S05E20 Browser Standards with Tracy Lee, Rob Ocel, and Dominic Farolino

December 4, 2018

In this Modern Web podcast, Tracy Lee (@ladyleet) and Rob Ocel (@robocell) interview Dominic Farolino (@domfarolino) about his adventures in getting involved in browser standards and how others can get involved too.

Dominic Farolino is a WHATWG Standards Editor, Chrome Committer, Student and Software Engineer.

Topics covered:
- Actually getting involved - how do you do that? What is the process?
- What is the difference between the different standards bodies?
- How do you get started and why should you choose to contribute to W3C, WHATWG, or TC39?
- How do standards bodies work together?
- Observable proposal

S05E19 Angular Updates with Tracy Lee, Rob Ocel, and Core Team Members Hans Larsen and Ben Lesh

December 4, 2018

In this modern web podcast, Tracy Lee speaks with 2 core team members of the Angular team - Hans Larsen who leads the CLI team and Ben Lesh, author of RxJS.

- Ivy is the biggest focus on the Angular team currently. Ivy is almost done and will make things smaller and tree shakeable.
- Hans is focused on schematics - a library to help you build and generate work flows.
- CLI - Bazel support is a focus right now to make the CLI faster
- Ng update is a smarter way to update dependencies across major versions - it will refactor your project to remove breaking changes and fix breaking changes so you won’t see something is breaking.

Topics Covered:
- What does schematics enable?
- What is ng add and ng update and how are people using them?
- What is the future of the CLI?
- Angular console

You can follow Tracy Lee on twitter @ladyleet, Hans Larsen @hanslatwork, and Ben Lesh @benlesh.

S05E18 Webint with Tracy Lee, Rob Ocel, Stephanie Drescher, and Anton Molleda Quintana

December 4, 2018

In this Modern Web podcast we will be having Stephanie Drescher and Anton Molleda Quintana talk about webhint with our hosts, Tracy Lee and Rob Ocel.

- What is webhint and how can you use it?
- What are some use cases for webhint?
- What hints does webhint give you that are helpful?
- Webhint is cross browser and cross platform, but it can be used without browsers too
- Contributing to webhint - you can too!
- Webhint is a JS Foundation project
- How to use webhint in the community
- What is coming for webhint 2019?
- How can you get involved?
- Learn about Nellie the Narwhal

To learn more about webhint, visit https://webhint.io/

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S05E17 Houdini with Tracy Lee, Rob Ocel, Surma, Aimee Knight, and Vitalii Bobrov

October 17, 2018

Join us for the Modern Web podcast featuring one of our favorite topics: Houdini.

Surma @dassurma
Aimee Knight @aimee_knight
Vitalii Bobrov @bobrov1989

Your Cohosts:
Tracy Lee @ladyleet
Rob Ocel @robocell

Houdini is a project that has been around for a few years, but advancements have made this project increasingly interesting this year.

Topics covered:
* What is houdini?
* What are worklets?
* How is the houdini API structured?
* How does houdini work under the hood?
* Where is houdini today? Where are the specs? Where are other browsers with relation to implementing houdini?
* What is available for folks to contribute? The houdini task force meeting.
* CSS Paint API, custom layout API,
* Where is the documentation?
* Where do we keep up to date on houdini apis?
* How stable are the houdini apis?
* Surma maintains a Google Chrome Labs repository for houdini - a great place for samples.
* ishoudinireadyyet.com - great resource for specs, spec ideas, and where they are at.
* Vitaliy has some great demos https://vitaliy-bobrov.github.io/css-... & https://github.com/vitaliy-bobrov/pos...

S05E16 RxJS with Tracy Lee, Rob Ocel, OJ Kwon, and Ben Lesh

September 27, 2018

In this Modern Web podcast OJ Kwon & Ben Lesh from the RxJS core team will discuss what's new in RxJS with Tracy Lee and Robert Ocel.

Some topics covered:
- What's new in the RxJS latest release
- RxJS testing - what’s available today and coming for tomorrow
- Support for async generators
- RxJS staying framework agnostic
- RxJS and Node - is there support for Node developers?
- RxJS docs
- A marketplace for operators?
- Come contribute to RxJS

If you need RxJS help, visit https://www.thisdot.co/labs

You can follow us on Twitter:
Tracy Lee @ladyleet
Rob Ocel @robocell
Ben Lesh @benlesh
OJ Kwon @_ojkwon

S05E15 NativeScript with Tracy Lee, Nathan Walker, TJ VanToll, and Stanimira Vlaeva

September 5, 2018

Tracy Lee, Co-Founder, This Dot Labs, RxJS Core Team, Google Developer Expert

Nathan Walker, Co-Founder, nStudio
TJ VanToll, Developer Relations at Progress
Stanimira Vlaeva, NativeScript Core Team

In this episode of the Modern Web podcast, we discuss with 3 different NativeScript people about NativeScript!

We talk about:
What NativeScript is.
How it compares to technologies like React Native.
Integration with Angular, Vue, and other technologies.
NativeScript and code sharing.
What's coming in the next NativeScript 5.0 release?

S05E14 CSS with Tracy Lee, Jake Dohm, Aimee Knight, and Chris DeMars

August 30, 2018

Modern Web Podcast on CSS

Hosts: Tracy Lee (@ladyleet) - This Dot Co-founder, RxJS Core Team, Google Developer Expert
Jake Dohm (@jakedohm) - Web Developer, Triangle Javascript Organizer

Aimee Knight (@Aimee_Knight) - Software Engineer @ Built Technology, GDE
Chris DeMars (@saltnburnem) - Senior UI Developer, Google Developer Expert

Topics: In this podcast, we discuss the latest features in CSS, CSS careers, and what our guests are excited about in upcoming standards.

You can follow us on twitter @moderdotweb + @thisdotmedia

S05E13 Neurotech and Machine Learning in JavaScript with Tracy Lee, Alex Castillo, Robert Plummer, and Jeff Mahoney

August 8, 2018

Tracy Lee and Jeff Mahoney co-host this podcast and speak to Alex Castillo and Robert Plummer about Neurotech and Machine Learning.

Alex Castillo is the co-founder of Neurosity, a new neurotech startup. You can follow him on Twitter at @castillo__io.

Robert Plummer is the lead developer of Brain.js, a library that allows you to explore machine learning with JavaScript.

This podcast discusses:
- What is neurotech?
- What is machine learning?
- How can one get involved in any of these projects?
- Where are we in relation to technology advancements currently?
- How do neurotech and machine learning fit together?
- What is the future for these two technologies?