MW S04E08 - Vue.js with Evan You and Sarah Drasner

April 27, 2017


Vue.js with creator Evan You and Sarah Drasner


Vue.js is a JavaScript UI framework built to be approachable, versatile and performant. Its creator Evan You and the award winning writer of CSS-Tricks Sarah Drasner join us to discuss the creation of Vue.js, the beginner learning curve, how it handles data and animations, and how it differs from Angular and React.


Evan You @youyuxi

Sarah Drasner @sarah_edo


Ray Shan @rayshan






Getter / setters in JavaScript

Animations in Angular

React Motion





Ben Lesh

Chris Fritz

Evan’s Patreon

Sarah’s CodePen

Upcoming VueConf in Poland, June 2017


MW S04E07 - Accessibility with Rob Dodson and Alice Boxhall

March 27, 2017


Accessibility on the Web


This episode is all about web accessibility. We’re joined by Rob Dodson, developer advocate at Google, and Alice Boxhall, software engineer at Google. We talk about why accessibility matters to everyone, even beyond people with disabilities. We dive into the implementation details, such as navigation, semantics and styling, based on Rob and Alice’s Web Accessibility course. We explore various guidelines and learning resources to improve your design and implementation.


Rob Dodson @rob_dodson

Alice Boxhall @sundress


Ray Shan @rayshan


Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0

U.S. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act

Free Udacity Web Accessibility course by Google

tabindex attribute

Heydon Pickering

Inclusive Design at Microsoft

Webkit no longer respects user-scalable=no

Testing tools

aXe / axe-cli



Lighthouse for progressive web apps

Accessibility tools in Chrome DevTools

macOS VoiceOver

NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access)

Learning Resources

Google Developers - Web Fundamentals - Accessibility


WebAIM and its mailing list

Web Accessibility Slack

Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) specs and Authoring Practices

Good accessibility reference implementations





Accessibility Wins


S04E06 - Web Analytics with Andy Elliott (Google) and Calvin French-Owen (Segment)

February 21, 2017


The What, Why and How of Web Analytics



Calvin French-Owen, CTO of Segment, and Andy Elliott, business analyst at Google, join us to discuss analytics. We talk about what business metrics to measure and how to select analytics vendors for businesses large and small. We also discuss the technical challenges of analytics instrumentation, such as measuring web apps vs. websites, automation and data schema design.



Calvin French-Owen @calvinfo

Andy Elliott



Ray Shan @rayshan






Google Analytics


Mixpanel pushing for meaningful metrics beyond pageviews


Adobe Analytics (Omniture)




Amazon Redshift


Google BigQuery


Automated instrumentation


Google Analytics autotrack




Coverage on “data lake”


S04E05 - NeuroJavaScript + Angular of Things with Stephen Fluin, Alex Castillo, and Uri Shaked

February 1, 2017

In this episode, Stephen Fluin (@stephenfluin), Angular core team member and Tracy Lee (@ladyleet) interview Alex Castillo (@castillo__io) and Uri Shaked (@urishaked) on unique and interesting projects utilizing Angular (2).

With these two pushing the edge on what is possible with JavaScript and as speakers on the upcoming ngcruise, listen in to hear about IoT, neurojavascript, and Angular.


Alex Castillo (@castillo__io)

Uri Shaked (@urishaked)


Tracy Lee (@ladyleet)

Stephen Fluin (@stephenfluin)

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S04E04 - Firefox Developer Tools with James Long

January 17, 2017


James Long, Mozilla, speaks to us about developer tooling in this podcast. What is the state of firefox tooling? How was the migration of firefox developer tools to react? What are some upcoming features in firefox like reverse debugging?

We discuss other topics such as browsers standardizing on the chrome debugging protocol, redux-observable, redux middleware, error trapping issues with promises, and implications in the observable spec.


James Long @jlongster

Ben Lesh @benlesh

Tracy Lee @ladyleet



S04E03 - UI Components - Challenges and Best Practices Across Web and Native

December 29, 2016


Benoit Marchant, create of the Montage Framework, and Andy Matuschak, UIKit engineer, researcher and head of mobile engineering at Khan Academy, join us to discuss UI components. We reminisce Benoit and Andy’s extensive history of web and native engineering at Apple. We debate various challenges and best practices of component reusability, encapsulation, gestures, data binding, and collaboration between engineers and designers.


Benoit Marchant @benoitmarchant

Andy Matuschak @andy_matuschak


Ray Shan @rayshan



Montage Framework

UIKit gesture recognizers

Gestures in React Native



Khan Academy Long-Term Research


S04E02 - Polymer and Web Components vs Frameworks (Jerry Springer Edition)

December 22, 2016

In this episode of the Modern Web podcast - Ben Lesh stars as the Jerry Springer of JavaScript stirs things up with the Polymer team Monica Dinculescu and Fred Schott with hard questions about louder voices representing Polymer on twitter and the reasoning behind perceived abrasiveness.

Thankfully, no one gets pregnant in this episode and hard conversations are all in jest. The meat of this podcast is centered around the difference between Polymer and web components, composable components nested inside svg, where browsers are in supporting native custom elements, web components versus frameworks, the concept of using the platform, using Polymer in frameworks like Angular 2, the progression of the polymer-cli.

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S04E01 - Data Visualization on the Web with DataSketches

December 1, 2016

We talk to Shirley Wu and Nadieh Bremer, long-time members of the D3 and data visualization communities, about their latest collaboration DataSketches and building data visualization using web technologies.



Shirley Wu @sxywu

Nadieh Bremer @NadiehBremer



Tracy Lee @ladyleet

Ray Shan @rayshan



Data Sketches

Bay Area d3 User Group

D3.unconf, an annual D3-focused conference

Using Pinterest to collect inspiration

R for data processing

Linear Digressions podcast - What's the biggest #bigdata?

Create React App to quickly bootstrap a data visualization project using React

Mike Bostock, author of D3, and his visualization work on New York Times

D3 4.0 with improved force layout and modularity

Charting libraries


NVD3, built on top of D3


S03E06 - React Router, HistoryJS, State Management, Webpack vs Rollup, and more (React Rally Edition)

September 10, 2016

Michael Jackson, Stephen Rivas Jr, and Jay Phelps discuss React and other front end frameworks at React Rally. 

Topics covered: 

- Create-react-app
- How using ember prior to react has affected the thinking behind working on react
- React trainings
- Building complex react apps
- Webpack vs Rollup 
- HistoryJS (react history)
- How you should approach open source projects
- React Router v4
- Early mistakes in the early router
- Previews some of the changes happening with react router and react history. 
-Integration of redux with react router and react history
- React Router 4
- Sate management in react

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S03E07 - React, Node, TC39, Cancellable Promises, and Observables, Oh My! (React Rally Edition)

September 5, 2016
Tracy Lee interviews Ben Lesh at React Rally. They discuss the React community compared to other JavaScript communities, which they boil down to being very similar to a “choose-your-own-adventure”.

Important things to note in this podcast: The benefits and costs of new ES2015 features, Node’s position in the JavaScript ecosystem and how TC39 standards are affecting the node ecosystem, senior developers mentoring and making junior developers feel comfortable, the promises spec and cancellation tokens with observables.

Other topics: how React trainings differ from Angular or Ember trainings, the new create-react-app and why it’s so amazing, the new screencast site Yolobrolo, and why @godtributes is the most amazing twitter bot ever.

Ben also might have said that Dan Abramov is a React superstar, but you’ll have to listen to be sure. Tracy called out Ben on not wearing the hat that Sam Saccone’s mother purchased him.

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