S05E10 V8 with Jay Phelps, Benedikt Meurer, Mathias Bynens, and Jaroslav Sevcik

June 20, 2018

Modern Web "V8" Podcast


Jay Phelps (@_jayphelps) - Support, training, pairing, mentoring, software architecting @ThisDotLabs



Benedikt Meurer (@bmeurer) - @NodeJS Performance TL @Google, in @GoogleChrome / @v8js

Mathias Bynens (@mathias) - work on @v8js at Google and on ECMAScript through TC39

Jaroslav Sevcik - Senior Software Engineer @ Google, V8 Compiler Engineer


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What is V8?

How V8 has evolved over the years?

How should we write performant code for Ignition/Turbofan?

How much does Node.js influence decisions?

What cool platform/JS language features are in the pipeline?

What’s your take on WebAssembly?

What are some other uses of V8 outside of the browsers/node?

What else should everyone know?


S05E09 Tech Diversity with Tara Manicsic, Sarah Federman, and Deanna Leavitt

May 23, 2018

Tara Manicsic @tzmanics - Developer advocate at Progress/Kendo UI, GDE
Deanna Leavitt @DeannaLeavitt - This Dot labs member, WTM lead, GDG Triangle co-organizer
Sarah Federman @sarah_federman - Design Engineer, working on Spectrum design system at Adobe


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- Representation at Conferences
- Calling for conference speakers
- Hiring diversely
- Implicit bias testing
- Ageism
- Meetups
- Small things that create inclusion/exclusion
- Textio


S05E08 Blockchain with Preethi Kasireddy, Kyle Simpson, Nik Kalyani, Fred Schott and Tracy Lee

May 9, 2018

Modern Web Podcast on Blockchain with Preethi Kasireddy, Nik Kalyani, Fred Schott, Kyle Simpson and Tracy Lee.


Kyle Simpson @getify - Open Web Evangelist, Founder/Owner DevGo, Inc.

Preethi Kasireddy @iam_preethi - Blockchain Engineer + Founder & CEO at Schelling

Nik Kalyani @techbubble - CTO/Founder of Whenhub + Web/Blockchain Architect

Fred Schott @FredKSchott - Frontend Engineer at Ripple, previously Google Polymer

Tracy Lee @Ladyleet - CTO of This Dot, Google Developer Expert



- How to get started in blockchain and the main concepts

- What use cases are there for blockchain

- What tools can you use?

- Why are some people skeptical about blockchain?

- Cool projects and the future of blockchain technology


S05E07 Topics in React with Michael Jackson, Ben Lesh, Jay Phelps, and Tracy Lee

May 2, 2018

Tracy Lee (@Ladyleet, Co-founder of This Dot, GDE, RxJS core team) and

Ben Lesh (@benlesh, RxJS core team, Angular core team, Co-founder of This Dot)

discuss Async React and the context API with...

Michael Jackson (@mjackson, Founder of React Training, creator of unpkg)

and Jay Phelps (@_jayphelps, RxJS core team, GDE, Chief Software Architect @ This Dot)


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S05E06 React Native with Jay Phelps, Brent Vatne, Eric Vicenti, and Ken Wheeler

April 18, 2018

Modern Web Podcast on React Native with Jay Phelps @_jayphelps



Bent Vatne @notbrent - Front-end web/mobile developer working on Expo (https://expo.io ) and React Native

Mike Grabowski @grabbou - React Native @callstackio, member of @reactnative core team.

Eric Vicenti @EricVicenti - Open Source Entrepreneur, creator of Aven_Cloud and ReactNavigation. Formerly Facebook OpenSource ReactNative

Ken Wheeler @ken_wheeler - Director of OSS at FormidableLabs


- What is React Native?
- When you should (or shouldn't) use it 
- What is Expo?
- Gesture support on Native vs web
- What is Flutter and Dart?
- How Flutter/Dart compare to React Native


S05E05 What’s Going on in VR? with Ben Lesh, Tracy Lee, Aysegul Yonet, and Martin Splitt

April 11, 2018

In this Modern Web Podcast Tracy Lee (@ladyleet) & Ben Lesh (@benlesh) ask questions regarding “What’s going on in VR?” with guests Aysegul Yonet (@AysSomething) and Martin Splitt (@g33konaut).



Tracy (@ladyleet) - RxJS core team, Google Developer Expert, co-founder This Dot Labs

Ben (@benlesh) - RxJS core team, engineer at Google, RxWorkshop



Aysegul Yonet (@AysSomething) - Senior Angular Engineer at Narwhal Technologies Inc, GDE

Martin Splitt (@g33konaut) - Senior software engineer @ Archilogic3D



- How to get started in VR.
- Equipment you need to get started.
- Practical applications of VR.
- Where is VR used now?
- Difference between Unity and VR
- VR standards

Places you can get started:

Where to find 3D content -

Art installation in Zurich - Birdly - http://iad.zhdk.ch/en/projects/birdly/

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S05E04 CSS Grid with Rachel Andrew, Jennifer Luker, and Necoline Hubner

March 29, 2018

In this Modern Web Podcast Jennifer Luker and Necoline Hubner discuss CSS Grid with Rachel Andrew.

Jen Luker @knitcodemonkey - Lead software engineer with Deseret Digital Media
Necoline Hubner @Necolinesan - Software Developer at Google Fiber (Adecco)

Rachel Andrew @rachelandrew - Web Dev, Co-founder of CMS Perch, CSS Working Group Invited Expert. Smashing Mag Editor in Chief.

Topics Discussed:
- History of CSS Grid
- Benefits of using CSS grid
- Browser compatibility and overcoming pain points of transitioning to CSS grid
- Accessibility in grid layout
- Future of grid





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S05E03 The Truth About Developer Relations with Simona Cotin, Tara Manicsic, Tierney Cyren, and Tracy Lee

February 28, 2018

In this Modern Web Podcast Tierney Cyren (NodeSource), Tara Manicsic (Progress Developer Advocate for KendoUI, GDE), and Simona Cotin (Developer Advocate at Microsoft) discuss developer relations with Tracy Lee (GDE, This Dot Co-founder).


Topics covered:

What is developer relations?

What are some of the different types of developer relations?

How do you balance all the tasks as devrel people?

Is Developer Relations an easy job?

How are you effectively measured in your job?



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S05E02 Proposals Coming to your Browser with Ben Lesh, Tracy Lee, Jake Archibald, and Jay Phelps

February 23, 2018

In this Modern Web Podcast Tracy Lee (@ladyleet) and Ben Lesh (@benlesh) speak with guests Jake Archibald (@jaffathecake) and Jay Phelps (@_jayphelps) to talk about upcoming proposals in TC39 and WHATWG.


Proposals discussed:
EventTarget Observable Proposal in WHATWG
Observable Proposal in TC39

BigInt Proposal in TC39

Structure Cloning in WHATWG

Pipeline operator in TC39

Other topics:
How to get involved if you care about a proposal
What Ben looks like with yogurt on his nose
Tracy’s BF said “let’s git committed!"


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S05E01 State Management with Taras Mankovski, Tim Dorr, Michel Weststrate, and Charles Lowell

February 8, 2018

In this Modern Web Podcast This Dot Labs CTO, Taras Mankovski @tarasm, discusses State Management with guests...

Charles Lowell @cowboyd (Frontside),

Michel Weststrate @mweststrate (Mobx),

and Tim Dorr @timdorr (React, Redux Router) 

Topics covered:

- MobX tracking changes in objects
- Redux changes to accommodate async rendering in React
- Best practices around batch operations in Redux
- Immer.js


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