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S04E10 - The New Payment Request API with Molly Dalton, Zach Koch, and Ray Shan

July 18, 2017

Making and accepting payments on the web is quite cumbersome.

Thankfully, the new Payment Request API and vendors like Apple and Stripe make the implementation simple and secure. Molly Dalton and Zach Koch, who work closely with Edge, Chrome and the Payment Request API, join us to discuss how to use this new standard for seamless payments on the web.



Molly Dalton @mollyadalton

Zach Koch @zachk



Ray Shan @rayshan




W3C Payment Request API


W3C Technical Report Development Process with various stages


Microsoft Edge


Google Chrome


Apple Pay JS






Firefox Payment Request API implementation tracking


Washington Post integrates Payment Request API


Payment request integration guides


Google guide


Mozilla guide


Microsoft guide


Live Payment Request API demos from Microsoft


Google I/O 2017 - The future of web payments


What’s new in Microsoft Edge in the Windows 10 Creators Update


Simpler web payments: Introducing the Payment Request API


Simplify payments in UWP Apps with the Payment Request API from Microsoft


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