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S05E11 Preact with Ben Lesh, Tracy Lee, Prateek Bhatnagar, Jason Miller, and Zouhir Chahoud

July 18, 2018

Tracy and Ben meet with three Preact Core team members to talk about the preact-cli, upcoming releases, and the general direction of this popular library.

Tracy Lee (@ladyleet) - This Dot Co-founder, GDE, RxJS Core team
Ben Lesh (@benlesh) - Engineer at Google, Co-founder This Dot, RxJS Core team

Jason Miller (@_developit) - Creator of @preactjs. Web DevRel at Google.
Zouhir Chahoud (@_zouhir) - Technical Program Manager for Edge at Microsoft
Prateek Bhatnagar (@_prateekbh) - Works on Amp, User Experience Engineer at Google


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