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S05E13 Neurotech and Machine Learning in JavaScript with Tracy Lee, Alex Castillo, Robert Plummer, and Jeff Mahoney

August 8, 2018

Tracy Lee and Jeff Mahoney co-host this podcast and speak to Alex Castillo and Robert Plummer about Neurotech and Machine Learning.

Alex Castillo is the co-founder of Neurosity, a new neurotech startup. You can follow him on Twitter at @castillo__io.

Robert Plummer is the lead developer of Brain.js, a library that allows you to explore machine learning with JavaScript.

This podcast discusses:
- What is neurotech?
- What is machine learning?
- How can one get involved in any of these projects?
- Where are we in relation to technology advancements currently?
- How do neurotech and machine learning fit together?
- What is the future for these two technologies?

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