Modern Web

S05E17 Houdini with Tracy Lee, Rob Ocel, Surma, Aimee Knight, and Vitalii Bobrov

October 17, 2018

Join us for the Modern Web podcast featuring one of our favorite topics: Houdini.

Surma @dassurma
Aimee Knight @aimee_knight
Vitalii Bobrov @bobrov1989

Your Cohosts:
Tracy Lee @ladyleet
Rob Ocel @robocell

Houdini is a project that has been around for a few years, but advancements have made this project increasingly interesting this year.

Topics covered:
* What is houdini?
* What are worklets?
* How is the houdini API structured?
* How does houdini work under the hood?
* Where is houdini today? Where are the specs? Where are other browsers with relation to implementing houdini?
* What is available for folks to contribute? The houdini task force meeting.
* CSS Paint API, custom layout API,
* Where is the documentation?
* Where do we keep up to date on houdini apis?
* How stable are the houdini apis?
* Surma maintains a Google Chrome Labs repository for houdini - a great place for samples.
* - great resource for specs, spec ideas, and where they are at.
* Vitaliy has some great demos &

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