S05E17 Houdini with Tracy Lee, Rob Ocel, Surma, Aimee Knight, and Vitalii Bobrov

October 17, 2018

Join us for the Modern Web podcast featuring one of our favorite topics: Houdini.

Surma @dassurma
Aimee Knight @aimee_knight
Vitalii Bobrov @bobrov1989

Your Cohosts:
Tracy Lee @ladyleet
Rob Ocel @robocell

Houdini is a project that has been around for a few years, but advancements have made this project increasingly interesting this year.

Topics covered:
* What is houdini?
* What are worklets?
* How is the houdini API structured?
* How does houdini work under the hood?
* Where is houdini today? Where are the specs? Where are other browsers with relation to implementing houdini?
* What is available for folks to contribute? The houdini task force meeting.
* CSS Paint API, custom layout API,
* Where is the documentation?
* Where do we keep up to date on houdini apis?
* How stable are the houdini apis?
* Surma maintains a Google Chrome Labs repository for houdini - a great place for samples.
* ishoudinireadyyet.com - great resource for specs, spec ideas, and where they are at.
* Vitaliy has some great demos https://vitaliy-bobrov.github.io/css-... & https://github.com/vitaliy-bobrov/pos...