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S05E19 Angular Updates with Tracy Lee, Rob Ocel, and Core Team Members Hans Larsen and Ben Lesh

December 4, 2018

In this modern web podcast, Tracy Lee speaks with 2 core team members of the Angular team - Hans Larsen who leads the CLI team and Ben Lesh, author of RxJS.

- Ivy is the biggest focus on the Angular team currently. Ivy is almost done and will make things smaller and tree shakeable.
- Hans is focused on schematics - a library to help you build and generate work flows.
- CLI - Bazel support is a focus right now to make the CLI faster
- Ng update is a smarter way to update dependencies across major versions - it will refactor your project to remove breaking changes and fix breaking changes so you won’t see something is breaking.

Topics Covered:
- What does schematics enable?
- What is ng add and ng update and how are people using them?
- What is the future of the CLI?
- Angular console

You can follow Tracy Lee on twitter @ladyleet, Hans Larsen @hanslatwork, and Ben Lesh @benlesh.

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