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S06E10 Modern Web Podcast - NeuroJavaScript

September 5, 2019

In this episode of the Modern Web podcast, our host, Rob Ocel, speaks with Alex Castillo about NeuroJavaScript.


Alex Castillo (@castillo__io) - Co-founder @ Neurosity

Topics discussed:

- What is Neural JavaScript, neuroimaging, and how do they relate?
- How can this technology help with increase the accessibility of our sites/technology?
- What is the Notion device that Neurosity created? How does it work?
- How does the Notion device separate intentional thoughts to operate interfaces from other thoughts we might have at any point in time?
- What are the limits of these types of technology? Can it really read your thoughts?
- What is the Notion SDK and how can you use this technology in our code?
- What are intents and how do app authors develop new intents or map to existing known intents?
- How does the SDK help app authors glean meaningful insights without being experts in neuroscience?
- How does Neurosity protect user privacy? How important is privacy and ethics with this type of technology?
- If people are interested, how can they learn more about the science of this technology? How can they learn more about Neurosity and the Notion device? How can they get involved in the SDK development? How can they get involved in the community around this technology and science?


This episode is sponsored by NativeScript & This Dot Labs.

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