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S06E11 Modern Web Podcast - Mentorship with Ray Gesualdo

September 17, 2019

In this episode of the Modern Web podcast, our host, Rob Ocel (@robocell), discusses mentorship with Ray Gesualdo (@RayGesualdo).

Ray Gesualdo (@RayGesualdo) - Staff UI Engineer, SalesLoft

Topics discussed:

- What has mentorship meant to our careers
- What is mentorship and how does it differ from things like sponsorship or instruction?
- Is it really that hard to start mentorship at your company? What does it take to start a mentorship culture?
- Why the ability to be open, vulnerable, and honest is critical to a successful mentorship relationship
- How do you pick a mentor? What should someone look for in a mentor? What should mentors look for from their mentees?
- Why companies and senior developers need junior developers to advance their own careers and solve for their blindspots.
- How important is it to solicit feedback from others? How do you act on that feedback? How do you better ask for feedback?
- The importance of listening in mentorship relationship and not trying to just "solve" things, and how to work around that as a mentor
- How to negotiate boundaries in mentorship relationships and navigate the power imbalance
- Can someone be junior to mentor?
- How do teams where all developers are considered peers set up successful mentorship programs? Do all mentor relationships need a senior and a junior?
- What is radical honesty, Radical Candor, and ruinous empathy? How to be empathetic but also deliver hard truths and actionable feedback

This episode is sponsored by NativeScript & This Dot Labs.

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