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S06E5 Modern Web Podcast - The Latest Updates in ReactJS with Nate Hunzaker and Philipp Spiess

April 8, 2019

In this episode of the Modern Web podcast, Tracy Lee speaks with Nate Hunzaker and Philipp Spiess, two members of the React DOM team.

Topics covered:

REACT HOOKS What is hooks? Should you use it? Is it critical to your upgrade path for react? Are developers starting to refactor their applications to use hooks? Are hooks easier to learn than the class API? How does this change people learning react for the first time?

COMMUNITY Rachel Nabors joins the react core team

REACT LAZY AND REACT SUSPENSE Code splitting with react.lazy(); and react.suspense REACT FIRE How can you get involved, what is it, and what should you be expecting?

REACT DEVTOOLS Devtool updates : react.warn() and react.error()

DOCUMENTATION Documentation localization efforts - get involved!

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