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S07E10 Modern Web Podcast - RxJS 7 & 8: What to Expect & Prepare For

October 28, 2020

In this podcast, Luis Aviles (@luixaviles) and Tracy Lee (@ladyleet) interview Ben Lesh (@benlesh), author of RxJS on the most recent updates for RxJS 7 beta and it's targeted release date. We discuss how he made RxJS 7 smaller and where you can find the refactored code. We talk about what's next for RxJS 8, how they're using TypeScript in strict mode, what things to keep in mind while you're working with the reactive programming approach, and what deprecations to start looking out for so you can begin future proofing your code today well before the release.



Luis Aviles (@luixaviles) - Software Engineer, This Dot Labs

Tracy Lee (@ladyleet) - CEO, This Dot Labs



Ben Lesh (@benlesh) - Software Engineer at Citadel & Author of RxJS


This episode is sponsored by This Dot Labs

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