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S07E16 Modern Web Podcast - Core Web Vitals, Mobile Dev, Performance & PWAs with Max Firtman

December 16, 2020

In this podcast, Tracy Lee (@ladyleet) and Ben Lesh (@benlesh) sit down with Maximiliano Firtman (@firt) and discuss how performance in development is becoming required for development on the web and mobile, and the implications for not making sure performance is a part of your product strategy. They talk about what’s next after Lighthouse in a developer’s web performance journey, other tools such as Microsoft's webhint, and the new core web vitals that Google has recently published. Plus, they explore the importance (or lack thereof these days) of PWAs and how that is changing on mobile platforms.



Maximiliano Firtman (@firt) - Freelance Mobile+Web developer | Author, Speaker, & Trainer 



Tracy Lee (@ladyleet) - CEO, This Dot Labs

Ben Lesh (@benlesh) - Software Engineer at Citadel & Author of RxJS


This episode is sponsored by This Dot Labs

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