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S07E18 Modern Web Podcast - Full Stack JavaScript is here! Blitz.js with Brandon Bayer, Creator of Blitz

December 30, 2020

With Blitz gaining 6000 stars on Github, over 150 contributors, and nearly 1000 slack members in less than 1 year, the excitement for Blitz.js rings true within the JavaScript community! In this episode, Wes Copeland and Tracy Lee interview Brandon Bayer about what Blitz.js is, and why to start considering using this full stack javascript framework for your projects. Topics covered are forms, testing, styling, and using Blitz with other technologies.



Brandon Bayer (@flybayer) - Creator of Blitz.js



Tracy Lee (@ladyleet) - CEO, This Dot Labs

Wes Copeland (@wescopeland_) - Senior Software Engineer, This Dot Labs


This episode is sponsored by Pluralsight & This Dot Labs.

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