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S07E20 Modern Web Podcast - Building State Machines using XState with David Khourshid

January 20, 2021

In this podcast episode, Rob Ocel (@robocell) chats with David Khourshid (@DavidKPiano), software engineer at Microsoft and creator of XState!


Topics discussed:

  • What are state machines and why was XState created?
  • Is XState a replacement for Redux or any other state management libraries?
  • How to get started with state machines
  • When to adopt libraries such as XState
  • What are the advanced features of state charts and how do you learn about them



David Khourshid (@DavidKPiano) - Software Engineer, Microsoft & Creator of XState



Rob Ocel (@robocell) - Architect, This Dot Labs


This episode is sponsored by Syncfusion & This Dot Labs.


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