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S07E7 Modern Web Podcast - Stitches + Modulz, Improving CSS-in-JS for the Future of Web Design

September 30, 2020

In this episode, we sit down with special guests, Christian Alfoni (@christianalfoni) of CodeSandbox and Pedro Duarte (@peduarte) of Modulz to discuss CSS-in-JS and the future of web design. Christian and Pedro collaborated to make Stitches, a CSS-in-JS library which boasts a near-zero runtime allowing for super performant styling with tooling for variants, utilities, and theming. Stitches’ performance paved the way for Modulz own component system which powers the design tool they’re building. Join our hosts, Tracy Lee (@ladyleet) and Hunter Miller (@hmillerdev) as they dive in to this new territory.



Christian Alfoni (@christianalfoni) of CodeSandbox

Pedro Duarte (@peduarte) of Modulz


This episode is sponsored by Syncfusion & This Dot Labs.

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