Modern Web

S08E016 Modern Web Podcast - Quasar with Luke Diebold

August 25, 2021

In this episode, Lindsay talks with Luke Diebold, web developer and creator of, about Quasar, the amazingly flexible framework for building applications using Vue. They talk about how Luke got into programming from his interest in music, and how he got started using Quasar for personal and professional projects. They discuss what Quasar is, and discuss where it fits into the web ecosystem. They explore some of the basics of using Quasar, including its CLI and the ability to make web, mobile, and desktop apps. They wrap up the discussion talking about how Quasar is one of the first major frameworks to support Vue 3, and what that looks like from the framework.



Luke Diebold (@LukeDiebold) - Web Developer, creator of 


Lindsay Wardell (@lindsaykwardell) - Software Engineer at This Dot, co-host of Views on Vue 


This episode is sponsored by This Dot Labs

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