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S08E017 Modern Web Podcast - Blockchain curious? It‘s easy & JS Developers should start learning!

September 10, 2021

In this episode, Tracy Lee sits down with Stephen Fluin from Chainlink to talk about blockchain and why JavaScript developers should start learning about it today. We go over the difference between blockchain and cryptocurrency, and how the two work together. We also explore use cases for developers and interesting decentralized applications one can build today. Stephen also shares with us the idea of smart contracts, and how they play into our ecosystem of development. This episode will also teach you what programming language to use, and why and how it is for you as a JS developer to get going with an IDE today. We also talk through resources JS developers have to learn technologies like solidity and explore the different blockchains you might want to consider as you dip your toe in. 



Tracy Lee (@ladyleet) - CEO, This Dot Labs 


Stephen Fluin (@stephenfluin) - Developers Relations at Chainlink Labs


This episode is sponsored by This Dot Labs

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