Modern Web

S09E03 Modern Web Podcast - Software Development in the Cloud with Mike Nikles & Geoffrey Huntley

December 10, 2021

In this episode, Rob speaks with Mike Nikles and Geoffrey Huntley of Gitpod about doing software development in configurable environments hosted in the cloud. They discuss the challenges that teams face supporting bespoke development environment across myriad devices, how tools like Gitpod solve for these challenges, how these types of cloud environments can be built and extended with plug-ins, and what the future of cloud-based development (and cloud-based remote computing) might hold!



Mike Nikles (@mikenikles) - Developer Advocate, Gitpod

Geoffrey Huntley (@GeoffreyHuntley) - Developer Advocate, Gitpod


Rob Ocel (@robocell) - Architect, This Dot Labs


This episode is sponsored by HARMAN & This Dot Labs.

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