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S09E05 Modern Web Podcast - The State of Angular with Mark Thompson

February 11, 2022

In this episode, Rob Ocel discusses the present state and future goals of the Angular ecosystem with Mark Thompson, Developer Relations Engineer at Google, and Angular Core Team member. They talk about Angular’s most recent accomplishments, like the advancements afforded by Angular v12, and how the Angular team responds to RFCs and other forms of community feedback. Mark also explains how the community should interpret roadmaps, and the spectrum of stages at which an in-development project might be, and how developers and non-developers can contribute to the ecosystem. Rob and Mark also talk about the relationship between third-party solutions and the Angular team’s attitude toward potentially rolling these solutions into the core framework.



Mark Thompson (@marktechson) - Developer Relations Engineer, Google 



Rob Ocel (@robocell) - Architect, This Dot Labs


This episode is sponsored by HARMAN & This Dot Labs.

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