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S09E06 Modern Web Podcast- Managing a Developer Team with Jem Young from Netflix

March 9, 2022

In this episode of the Modern Web Podcast, Jem Young, Engineering Manager at Netflix, shares his perspective on engineering team leadership. He talks about his experience going from an individual contributor to leading an engineering team, including some of the roadblocks and challenges new managers often encounter. Jem also describes some of the perspectives on team leadership he's developed by working with and watching other leaders at Netflix. Finally, they talk about the changes in the career trajectories of individual contributors, and how ICs can grow in their careers whether they choose to take the management path or not.



Jem Young (@jemyoung), Engineering Manager at Netflix



Jesse Tomchak (@jtomchak), Architect at This Dot Labs


Sponsored by HARMANThis Dot Labs.

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