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S09E08 Modern Web Podcast- ”If You Can JavaScript, You Can Backend” with Swizec Teller

April 13, 2022

In this episode of the Modern Web Podcast, Software Engineer and Author Swizec Teller talks about how JavaScript developers have the tools, knowledge, and ability to write backend code whether they realize it or not. Swizec argues that, in a landscape in which serverless, distributed systems are becoming more common, the traditional line that separates frontend from backend development is steadily dissolving. Rather, an industry may emerge where developers are distinguished by their functional areas of expertise, and not whether they work on the interface or backend. They also talk about the distinction between monoliths, microservices, and serverless, with a focus on the purpose and function of the different architectures. 


Guest: Swizec Teller, Software Engineer and Author of Senior Engineer Mindset, Serverless Handbook, & React + D3v4.


Host: Rob Ocel, Software Architect at This Dot Labs (@robocell)


Sponsored by HARMAN & This Dot Labs.

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