Modern Web

S09E12 Modern Web Podcast- Introduction to SolidJS with Ryan Carniato

June 8, 2022

In this episode of the Modern Web podcast, hosts Rob Ocel and Nacho Vazquez sit down with Ryan Carniato to talk about SolidJS. They talk about how the frontend JavaScript framework came to be, and what sets SolidJS apart from other technologies in the JavaScript ecosystem. They talk about the similarities between SolidJS and React's expanding features like hooks and fine grain reactivity.They then dig into some of the features offered by SolidJS and compare them to those other available tools like Svelte, JSX, and ReactJS. Finally they discuss the ways in which SolidJS distinguishes itself from other technologies, including its server-side rendering optimization, and fine grain reactivity.



Ryan Carniato- Creator of SolidJS (@RyanCarniato)



Rob Ocel- Software Architect, This Dot Labs (@robocell)

Nacho Vazquez- Software Engineer, This Dot Labs (@nacho_devc)


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