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S09E13 Modern Web Podcast- Introduction to Remix with Kent C. Dodds

June 22, 2022

Curious about using the full stack web framework Remix? In this episode of the Modern Web podcast, we're talking to Kent C. Dodds, Co-founder and Director of Developer Experience at Remix. They talk about how Remix formed, what Remix's current goals are, and where the team sees the technology going in the future. Kent also discusses the features offered by the framework, how the team's philosophies about web development inform these features, and the role Remix is playing in the JavaScript ecosystem. Finally, Kent talks about what's happening in the Remix community and invites listeners to get involved.


Rob Ocel, Software Architect at This Dot Labs (@robocell)



Kent C. Dodds, Co-Founder and Director of Developer Experience at Remix (@kentcdodds)


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