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S09E14 Modern Web Podcast- Evolution of the React Paradigm and Modern React Development with Jay Phelps

July 20, 2022

The landscape of modern web development is constantly changing. In this episode of the Modern Web Podcast, Jay Phelps, Senior Software Engineer at Netflix talks about the evolution of the React paradigm in contemporary web development and what this means for engineers working with the library right now. They talk about where React thrives and in what contexts it may offer less utility than competing web technologies, as well as the impact that emergent meta frameworks have on the role of React for those building web technologies at the enterprise level.



Tracy Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of This Dot Labs (@ladyleet)

Jesse Tomchak, Software Architect at This Dot Labs (@jtomchak)



Jay Phelps, Senior Software Engineer at Netflix (@_jayphelps)


Sponsored by HARMAN.

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