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S09E17 Modern Web Podcast- Hot Takes on Frameworks: React, Solid, Qwik, Svelte, Astro, Fresh, Marko, & More!

October 12, 2022
In this episode of the Modern Web Podcast, Tracy Lee and Dustin Goodman join Anthony Campolo and Christopher Burns, hosts of the FSJam Podcast, to talk about the latest evolutions in new frameworks. They discuss "meta frameworks", predict trends in JavaScript, and compare the similarities and differences among newer technologies like Svelte, Solid, Qwik, Astro, Fresh, Marko, and more.


Tracy Lee- CEO and Co-Founder, This Dot Labs

Dustin Goodman- Engineering Manager, This Dot Labs



Chris Burns- Co-Host of the FSJam Podcast

Anthony Campolo- Co-Host of the FSJam Podcast


Sponsored by This Dot Labs

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