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S08E019 Modern Web Podcast - The Future of Blockchain & How To Get Involved Today With Nader Dabit

October 15, 2021
In this episode, Tracy Lee (@ladyleet (she/her) and Nacho Vazquez (@nacho_vazquez14) speak with Nader Dabit (@dabit3) of Edge and Node about web3 and how to get started! We touch on topics that are hot in the blockchain ecosystem that you definitely want to be aware of if you're blockchain-curious.
Topics covered:
  • What does the next few years of blockchain development look like and why you should start looking at layer 2 blockchains
  • The future of Eth 2 - proof of stake vs proof of work
  • Why you should watch out for the Solana blockchain
  • What is Gitpod and why should you care?
  • Lowering the barrier to entry to new developers exploring blockchain development
  • Learning about The Graph and Edge and Node



Nader Dabit (@dabit3) - Developer Relations, Edge and Node 


Tracy Lee (@ladyleet (she/her) -  CEO, This Dot Labs 

Nacho Vazquez (@nacho_vazquez14) - Software Engineer, This Dot Labs 


This episode is sponsored by This Dot Labs

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